The Naito Museum of Pharmaceutical Science and Industry
In 1971, Toyoji Naito, the founder of Eisai Co., Ltd. and the Naito Foundation of Science felt the need to preserve the valuable materials which contributed to the development of pharmacy and the pharmaceutical industry in Japan, and established this museum with help of many people.

Major activities of the Museum are; 1) collection, storage, research and exhibition of historical materials regarding pharmaceuticals, and other PR activities on such materials; 2) maintenance of the Museum's gardens. Through these activities, the Museum is committed to increase people's understanding about medicine as well as providing assistance on research activities on pharmaceutical history.

In October 1986, the exhibition room was expanded to storage increasing materials and enrich the exhibition. In November 2005, the Museum opened the adjacent library with an extending collection of both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical literatures, which are available for public.
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Opening Hours 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Closed Mondays and New Year Holiday
Admission Free
Address Kawashima-takehaya 1, Kakamigahara, GIFU 501-6195 Japan
TEL 0586-89-2101
FAX 0586-89-2197

The Museum exhibits selected items from its collection of more than 65,000 historical items. The exhibition room consists of two parts - the permanent exhibition space and the special exhibition space. At the permanent exhibition space, materials related to pharmaceutical history are exhibited. English translation is provided in captions and guides. Featured exhibitions based on the research works done by the Museum curators are exhibited at the special exhibition space.

"Hakutaku", Chinese holy beast against diseases in 19 C.

"Kusuri kanban", Signboard of medicines in 19 C.


1st floor of the Library

"Kaitai shinsyo", first translated anatomical book in Japan (18 C.)

 Medicinal Herbal Garden

Overview of the Garden

Medicinal herbs in the Garden
The Library stores about 62,000 books including medical and pharmaceutical books. The old books from Edo period are also included. Registration required for using the Library. About 700 different types of medicinal plants and trees are grown in the gardens.

 Other Services
The film; "Kawashima Industrial Park Story", the introduction of the Eisai Kawashima complex and the manufacturing of medicine, is available upon reservation. (English, Chinese and Japanese, 17min. each)
Other film programs are available, too. Please ask for information.

  Major Access Routes

 From Nagoya Station
*Take the JR Tokaido Line to "Owari-Ichinomiya Station" (about 20min.), then change for a bus or a taxi
*Take the Meitetsu Line train to "Shin-Ichinomiya Station" (about 20min.), then change for a bus or a taxi

 From Ichinomiya Station
*Take the Meitetsu Bus for Kawashima to the "Kawashima guchi" stop (about 20min.) and walk (about 1.5km)
*Taxi (about 20 min.)
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 From Konan
From Nagoya Station, take the Meitetsu-Inuyama Line train to "Konan Station" (about 25 min.), then change for a taxi (about 12 min.)
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